When you work with PharmaMED, we make sure that you have the support you need to ensure successful implementation of our solutions. During installation, we will be onsite working side by side with your team on installation, maintenance and training.


Delivery and Installation

We travel to your location to install, test, and train your staff on the equipment. Even though PharmaMED is an American company, we provide deliver and installation services internationally. No location is to far for us to ensure your equipment is installed and running efficiently!

Preventative Maintenance

 PharmaMED can create a Preventative Maintenance program for your robotic and automation equipment. This involves creating a custom list of items for your unique equipment. Our technicians will inspect, replace, adjust, your equipment based on past history and our expert knowledge of equipment. 

System Set-up / Training

PharmaMED is dedicated to the success of your employees and equipment. Not only are we onsite for installation we will provide you with a detailed operations manual. The manual will include instructions on how to run the equipment, recommended maintenance plan, and troubleshooting information. 

Our knowledgeable and experience staff will train and instruct all operators and technicians on how to properly operate the equipment.

Maintenance In Your Facility

 In addition to equipment installation, we have the ability to schedule maintenance in advance for annual tune-ups or planned work for a known problem. We will work around your schedule to ensure maximum machine uptime. In addition, we offer emergency service after hours and on weekends.

Continuous Improvement

  PharmaMED will work to continually increase the efficiency of the equipment in the filed along with updating the software as needed.

Spare Parts

PharmaMED can provide spare parts to ensure your equipment continues running smoothly with minimal downtime. Contact us at 218-486-5850 for additional information and pricing.