Brush Washer-Dryer

Wash and dry pharmaceutical brushes in as little as 35 minutes with our space-saving, tabletop brush washer-dryer made for lab settings. A smaller, dryer-only model is also available at a lower cost, for those who only need a dry cycle.

Convenient drain & ports

for both detergent/water and rinse water.


Full data acquisition

with printout report to aid in process validation.


Can handle both

hollow or brushes pre-mounted on shafts.


Quick Facts:

Dry Time

35-min average

Wash & Dry

Single chamber


Compact & mobile


Designed with pharma in mind

Built to maximize flexibility:

  • Brush lengths up to 370mm long
  • Hollow soft brushes
  • Brushes on spindles
  • Data monitoring for water pressure, temperature


Space and time saver

Fits into your lab:

  • Wash and dry in one chamber
  • Tabletop-friendly design