Our standard products.

Improve efficiency, boost productivity, and increase margin in your production environment with products from our standard line. Each one has been developed and process-tested to overcome common challenges in pharma and medical manufacturing environments.

Blister Sleever

Sleeve up to 200 Brite Stock blisters per minute with our compact, mobile blister sleever, which also includes toolless quick change to handle multiple blister sizes.  


Optimize line production efficiency with our accumulator, with accumulation and de-accumulation capabilities. Small footprint and available toolless quick change maximize flexibility.


Wash and dry pharmaceutical brushes in as little as 35 minutes with our space-saving, tabletop brush washer-dryer made for lab settings. 

Tray Loader

Boost efficiency for end-line vial packing with our vial tray loader, configurable for collating and loading different vial sizes. 

Wallet Sealer

Cost-effectively improve production efficiency for pharmaceutical wallet cards with our innovative wallet sealer, which combines wallet sealing with a manual folding table. 

Case Packer

Save time and cost while increasing production by automating case packing. Our compact case packer has the industry’s smallest footprint and can be configured to build cartons, collate, and load various types of products.  

Robotic Syringe De-Nester

Add flexibility to your syringe packaging line with our mobile Robotic Syringe Denester. Our compact size and adjustable outfeed rail allow this system to adapt to a wide range of downstream equipment.

Robotic Syringe Denester
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