PharmaMED provides cutting-edge automation equipment. Our systems feature innovative solutions for the design and manufacturing of automation equipment and for retrofitting existing equipment to make it more cost effective and/or perform new operations.

Our custom automation solutions offer the flexibility to efficiently allocate labor and increase your facility’s throughput, which will lower total manufacturing cost and maximize value to your end customers.

When working with you on a custom solution, we please to listen to your concerns, evaluate your requirements and engineer a custom solution to meet your needs.


  • Robot Integrator
  • Cognex Integrator
  • Domino Laser Integrator
  • Conveyance Systems
  • Rockwell - Allen-Bradley Controls


Integrity - Compliance - Validation


PharmaMED builds and upgrades equipment for pharmaceuticals and medical Industries. Preserving product integrity, compliance, validation, and line speed are all examples of challenges addressed during the design phase to ensure a successful outcome after installation.

Our custom solutions can incorporate a wide range of technology to ensure accuracy and efficiency throughout the system.


Robotic Sorting / Loading

Material Handling

Product Accumulation

Complete Automation Integration

Exceptional service and support

Allen-Bradley controls

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