Solve your complex production
problems, guaranteed.

Pharma-grade automation and engineering to help you tackle old problems with new ideas.

Minimize Labor Constraints

Your Line

Increase Profitability


Are production problems
limiting your growth?

When you want to increase output, boost efficiency, or bring a new product to market, key
production problems can stand in your way:

  • Labor constraints
  • Poor line optimization
  • Rising material costs
  • Quality control &
    compliance issues

Solving them requires new ideas. We’re here to help. At PharmaMed, we’ll work
alongside to design and build solutions that help you overcome old problems in new
ways—so you can grow your business.

Our proven process.

We understand your concerns about investing in custom automation, as well as the need to maintain production. We’ve built a robust, proven process to give you peace of mind that we’ll find the right solution.

Step 01:
Step 02:
Design & Engineering
Step 03:
Build & Testing
Step 04:
Delivery & Setup
Step 05:
Ongoing Support


No matter what problem you’re facing, the first step in our process is to thoroughly understand
you, your current production environment, and potential areas for improvement.


Design & Engineering

With your unique challenges and needs in mind, our engineers get to work developing a custom-built system designed to exceed your expectations.

Build & Testing

We believe in providing worry-free, robust tools, so we put our machines through rigorous
testing to ensure that they will perform in the most challenging of production environments.

Delivery & Setup

Once the machine has been reviewed and signed off by you, we get to work integrating the new system into your existing production line.

Ongoing Support

We understand that factory uptime is a key priority. Once we’ve completed integration of your new system, we provide training, ongoing support, parts, and scheduled and emergency maintenance to give you peace of mind that your new machine will perform—and increase your productivity.

Custom Automation

Maximize production efficiency to grow your business by tackling old problems with new ideas. Our expert team of engineers solves complex production problems with pharma-grade custom automation built for your needs.

Engineering, Maintenance
& Support Services

Meet design, documentation, and implementation challenges with our technical expertise and superior service.


Standard Products

Improve efficiency, boost productivity, and increase margin in your production environment with products from our standard line.

Meet PharmaMed.

We’re a team of passionate engineers and project managers with extensive experience in industrial automation and production environments. We love tackling the unsolvable problems—the ones that others are afraid to touch. Whether we’re designing a new custom solution or delivering one of our standard products, we’re committed to your success above all else.